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Classroom Authors Book Printing Prices

UPDATED 4.26.21

We made it easier to publish your students’ books affordably – you can create your books in Google Docs and simply share the files with us – we will then make adjustments if needed and then print and ship your books.

Book prices include: 

Shipping FREE in 48 States

Pricing based on print ready PDF files being provided (Google Docs)


Page Size
2 books >
10 books >
20 books >
30 books >
40 books >
5.5 X 8.5
6 X 9
8.5 X 11

Minimum 2 books per title – add $170 Setup for each order up to 10 titles, add $20 per additional title.

Example: Order 10 books of a 20 page book 8.5×11

Calculate:  20 pages X .40 / page = $8.00 / book X 10 Books = $80.00 plus $170 setup = $250.00 

Books typically take 10 work days to manufacture plus add in up to 4 days shipping time, so 14 days in total 

(Although this is not a guaranteed shipping time it is typical – call for faster delivery dates) 

Teachers College - Columbia University

Student Press Initiative

Friday, January 8, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Student Press Initiative (SPI) at Teachers College, Columbia University, endorses ClassroomAuthors as an innovative way for teachers and students to experience the collaborative book publishing process. By using ClassroomAuthors’ advanced web-based technology, classrooms are transformed into virtual publishing houses, and students begin to fully understand rhetorical purpose, rather than simple task of writing. Both SPI and ClassroomAuthors are dedicated to providing teachers with essential tools to engage students in the writing process, and to improve literacy skills for real-world applications.

SPI offers one-week Summer Institutes where teachers learn to create inquiry-base curriculum following guiding principles of Community Connections, Genre Study, and Purposeful Writing, During this intensive training teachers learn how to incorporate writing-for-publication into their curriculum, and explore various genres, ways to foster community connections, and the power of purposeful, audiencedriven writing.

Teachers attending the summer institute will be introduced to ClassroomAuthors’ tools. They will learn how to use the innovative online collaborative publishing system, which will enable them to easily create professional publications of their students’ writing and, in so doing, “go public” with their students’ work and share their voices with the world.

The teachers will walk away from our institutes with new strategies for their classroom publication projects, as well as free access to to immediately begin experiencing the power of student publishing.

In the last eight years, SPI has published over 100 books of student writing and teacher curricula. Our greatest challenge has been a question of production: how might we provide more schools with cost effective production services? ClassroomAuthors has answered that call by building cutting edge design templates that make it possible for teachers to truly publish their students on a bake sale budget. They greatly increase our capacity to serve teachers and students in New York City, across the country, and even on an international level. SPI not only endorses ClassroomAuthors, we applaud them as an innovator responding to the rapidly changing demands of teachers and students in the 21st Century.

Please feel free to contact me if you need further information on this extraordinary organization.


Pamela G. Wyman

Pamela Wyman
Curriculum Consultant

BOX 182, 525 WEST 120TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10027-6696
(212) 678-3161

Letter from Mrs. Clausen Grace

We held an author signing on the last day of school and invited the school district Writing Specialist. After students shared, she commented that the project was really all about revision. What a compliment – and it’s true. Real writing for publication is about revision. The collaborative nature  facilitates the process and makes it so meaningful for students. They loved reading and responding to each others’ stories. They also felt validated as authors the minute their stories were uploaded and they could see them in ‘book form.’ They truly wanted their stories to be perfect before we sent them off.

Fourth-graders in Florida take a high-stakes writing test in February, called the FCAT. Often, most of their writing instruction is geared towards writing essays. It is so important for them to learn that writing is for far more than performing on a test. Publishing a real book is a great way to do just that.

Mrs. Clausen-Grace

Letter from Mrs. Clausen Grace's Fourth Grade Class

When it was all over we were so excited to get our books! We had an author celebration where we shared all that we had done to get to publication. Our parents and the VIPS (very important people) who came were really impressed by the work we had done. In fact, very few of them had ever published a book but we all have now.

Feel free to read our stories – if you ever get lost in the wilds of Florida, you’ll know how to survive!